Valuing Difference & Creating Value Through Difference

We start by redefining diversity and inclusion as valuing difference and creating value through difference. We include race, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, differently abled, age and ethnicity and diversity of thought and ideas. This means that we welcome the input of every member of our team, especially new ways of looking at a problem and creative ways of reaching a solution.

We’ve fostered this culture in concrete ways, starting with comprehensive benefits that cover all full-time employees and emphasize an inclusive policy. We encourage employees to contribute to an inclusive culture so that all are enriched through education and awareness of other backgrounds and life experiences. We have set into place inclusion goals for our leaders, ensuring accountability at the most senior level of our organization.

It’s an approach that creates not only a better working environment but also has led to creative ideas for better programs to serve the diverse needs of our members. Harvard Pilgrim is unique amongst health insurers in having an ethics committee that brings together staff, physicians, employers who purchase insurance for their employees, and consumers, to discuss policy issues that affect patient care.

Some examples of the remarkable outside partnerships that are a direct result of our diversity and inclusion focus include the following:

•  In 2013, Harvard Pilgrim unveiled its Eastern Harmony program, combining the traditions of western medicine with those of China and India, such as acupuncture, ayuvedic practices, herbal medicine and mindfulness. This enables employers to offer access to complementary and alternative medicine.

•  Count Us In Community Partners, launched in 2013, is a yearlong partnership with the Asian American Civic Association and Salehi Boston, nonprofit organizations working with the Chinese and Asian Indian communities on issues ranging from domestic violence and abuse to advocating for the needs of immigrants and other economically disadvantaged people.



Working together with our employees, we look forward to forming new partnerships that embrace the diverse needs of our members and welcome all employees with an inclusive approach. 

Center For Inclusion Initiatives 

Many of our programs are the result of the newly established Center for Inclusion Initiatives led by Vice President and Chief Inclusion Officer Karen Young. The Center represents a company-wide, comprehensive commitment to putting inclusion at the forefront of everything we do. 

We define inclusion as valuing difference and creating value through difference every day—with one another, with our customers and in the community. 

Our vision for all of Harvard Pilgrim is to foster a high-performing workplace culture where inclusion supports our corporate business strategy, is essential to achieving our corporate initiatives, supports our mission and drives superior business results. 

Our Six Areas Of Capability Focus Include:

•  Enterprise Leadership: Prioritize strategic business imperative,  
   accountability for leadership, sustained effort, resources, budget and results.  
   Driven by our CEO.

•  Workplace: Effectively utilize the skills and talents of all our employees,  
   continue to build our diverse workforce, and ensure that all team members  
   feel their contributions are valued. Driven by our Chief Human
   Resource Officer.

•  Marketplace: Successfully position our company to improve the quality and
   value of health care by identifying and establishing market opportunities
   across diverse demographic segments. Driven by our VP of Marketplace
   Inclusion Development.


•  Supplier: Increase and expand our commitment to diverse suppliers to
   positively impact the communities we serve. Driven by our VP Financial  
   Planning and Analysis.

•  Community: Through strategic engagement and giving, we support local
   organizations and programs in diverse communities.
   Driven by our President of the Foundation.

•  Health Care Equity: Build on and expand our existing capability to provide  
   equally excellent care and service to Harvard Pilgrim members of all and  
   differing backgrounds including gender, gender identity, gender expression,
   race, ethnicity, veteran status, age and generation, physical and mental
   ability, sexual orientation and primary language. Driven by our Director of
   External Quality Data Initiatives.